Tax-Efficient Investing Insights from a Portfolio Management Perspective

Curt Overway, President of Managed Portfolio Advisors, discusses tax-efficient investing and the impact of tax reform on investor portfolios.

SALT Shake-up: Muni Bonds After Tax Reform

Geographically diversified portfolios may still be the best way to manage risk and generate income from municipal bonds.

Gauging the Effects of Tax Reform on Muni Markets

A municipal bond specialist discusses what investors may expect from markets in light of of the recent tax reform bill.

Does Corporate Tax Cut Give US Stocks An Edge?

US corporate tax cut implications and actively allocating to where value is in global markets are explored with Loomis Sayles Global Allocation Manager.

Potential Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Portfolios

A new era of tax policy and cuts is under way, one in which portfolio tax management could be even more important for investors.

Three Areas Clients Need Professional Financial Help With

Taxes, risk, and estate planning may be three of the most overlooked areas where clients need professional financial help.

Unpacking the House and Senate tax reform proposals

How might a forthcoming tax reform bill affect investors?

Trump Takes on US Tax System. What Does it Mean for Investors?

Perspectives on Trump tax reform proposal and the potential impact on US economy, markets, and investor portfolios.

Preparing Clients for Potential Tax Policy Changes

Strategies to consider for managing tax policy risk while saving for retirement.

4 Tax Strategies for Retirement Distribution Planning

As clients move from the accumulation to the distribution phase of retirement planning, an effective tax strategy can minimize taxes and maximize...

Taxes in Retirement: How Investors Can Prepare

Financial professionals and investors should be aware of the potential impact of taxes on retirement funding.

Don't Get Tripped Up: Understanding Wash Sale Rules

Four scenarios to be mindful of when changing portfolio positions

Two Strategies for Tax-Efficient Portfolio Transitions

Creating a roadmap for changing portfolio positions.

Harvesting Tax Losses Year-Round

For tax season, we’re reprising a collection of articles on the subject of tax management. The following is the last in a series of five articles.

Tax Planning as a Catalyst to Deepen the Advisor-Client Relationship

For tax season, we’re reprising a collection of articles on the subject of tax management. The following is the first in a series of five articles.