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A look at ETF strategists and the role they play in assisting financial professionals achieve their financial goals.

3 Tips for Trading Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

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Fiduciary Update: Using ESG Factors in ERISA Plans

The latest DOL bulletin reaffirms that plan sponsors need to evaluate ESG-themed funds using the same due diligence process applied to any other potential plan investment.

15 Timeless Investment Virtues

In uncertain markets, bullish and bearish soundbites abound in equal measure. David Lafferty offers his thoughts on making sense of the conflicting signals.

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Building a Sustainable Future: ESG in Retirement Plans

Learn why funds that consider ESG (environmental, social, governance) factors are gaining traction with retirement plan sponsors and participants.

Why Trust May Be the Most Valuable of All Investor Assets

In today’s complex markets, the majority of investors surveyed trust themselves and their financial professional with investment decisions.

Environmental, Social, Governance: Introducing ESG

Learn how using ESG criteria can help determine a company’s fair value and manage portfolio risks.

New Rules? Not Yet: Fiduciary Rule Update

Recapping the Department of Labor’s (DOL) recently approved 18-month extension of the fiduciary rule’s implementation date.

Enhance Client Relationships with ESG Sustainable Investing Options

Financial professionals may be able to build relationships with cause-conscious investors interested in values-based ESG options.

Potential Advantages of SMAs for ESG Sustainable Investing

How SMAs could provide customization, rebalancing & efficiency advantages for investors interested in ESG sustainable investing.

Changing the Climate of Target Date Funds

Learn how ESG-driven target date funds allow plan participants to align their investment strategy with their personal values.

Two Strategies for Tax-Efficient Portfolio Transitions

Creating a roadmap for changing portfolio positions.

How Can Financial Professionals Help Clients Manage Their Emotions?

SVP Al Barabro discusses what makes clients feel unprepared and what financial professionals can do to help them.