Unleashing the Superpower of Bonds

When interest rates rise, bonds get a bad rap. Watch to see why you should think twice before bailing on bonds.

Fixed income is an essential component to building more durable portfolios – helping investors to diversify away from stock market risk, generate income, and pursue attractive returns. Even during times of rising interest rates, fixed income investing is a smart long-term strategy. In fact, higher rates offer the potential for greater income and total return in the future.

Institutional Investors See Fixed Income Playing a Key Role in 2023

72% of institutional investors surveyed for Natixis’ 2023 Institutional Outlook believe rising rates will usher a resurgence in traditional fixed income.* Here are some top moves they are considering for 2023:

Fixed Income AllocationsIncreaseMaintainDecrease
Investment Grade Bonds 49% 38% 13%
Government Bonds 48% 38% 15%
High Yield Bonds 37% 44% 19%
Emerging Market Debt 29% 48% 23%
Securitized Debt 19% 55% 26%
Green Bonds 50% 47%  4%

Our Solutions

You’ll find multiple vehicle types, including mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts, models, and highly customized portfolios for high-net worth clients are available to fit investors’ varying portfolio construction needs.

Which Fixed Income Dilemma Are You Trying to Solve?
  • Mitigate Portfolio Risk

  • Minimize Interest Rate Impact

  • Pursue Income & Total Return

  • Invest Sustainably

  • Customize Your Portfolio

Actively managed strategies that maintain high quality fixed income can help protect portfolios against equity market volatility, while also pursuing income.

Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond Fund
Loomis Sayles Core Plus Bond Fund
Risk-Efficient Income Model Portfolios

Diversifying fixed income portfolios with strategies that either invest in sectors and securities known to be less sensitive to interest rate risks, such as floating rate bank loans and shorter duration bonds, or non-traditional approaches that have the flexibility to create low correlation to traditional fixed income may be a smart move today.

Loomis Sayles Senior Floating Rate and Fixed Income Fund
Loomis Sayles Short Duration Income ETF (LSST)
Loomis Sayles Strategic Alpha Fund

Flexible strategies that can invest in a broader range of assets may offer greater opportunities for return than those with more limited mandates. Loomis Sayles has managed multisector strategies for more than 25 years.

Loomis Sayles Strategic Income Fund
Loomis Sayles Bond Fund
Natixis/Loomis Sayles Core Total Return SMA
Natixis/Loomis Sayles Intermediate Duration Fixed Income SMA

Green bonds allow you to pursue sustainable long-term returns from bonds issued to finance projects with positive environmental impact.

Mirova Global Green Bond Fund

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions provides design, development and execution of portfolio strategies tailored to specific investment objectives and unique portfolio constraints. You can take advantage of core, completion and thematic model portfolios, discretionary multi-asset mandate capabilities and target date funds.

Financial professionals:
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Why Active Management Matters

Actively managed fixed income strategies from Loomis, Sayles & Company can offer investors solutions when markets are difficult to predict. They can deliver yield and value opportunities while mitigating risk because they’re:
  • Rooted in proprietary research
  • Informed by diverse opinions from global experts
  • Free to delve into many sectors across capital markets
  • Not beholden to benchmarks; they have the versatility to look across sectors to uncover opportunity, avoid potential pitfalls, and actively manage duration decisions

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