I’m a first-generation college student and have seen firsthand the power of education to transform thinking and transform lives. The more we know, the more we can contribute to the common good. Sustainable investing is good for our employees and for the future of the students we serve. And when we invest in a better future, we honor those who invest in our mission and school. What could be better?

~ Dr. Victoria Mora
President, United World College-USA

United World College-USA in Montezuma, New Mexico is part of a global network of 18 schools dedicated to making education “a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” UWC-USA is committed to providing students with a challenging and transformational educational experience to inspire them to become agents of positive change.

As a mission-driven institution, UWC-USA is committed to a set of values that guide their actions and interactions, on campus and beyond. They do so in partnership with employees, students, and local and global partners.

Focused on Sustainability
As UWC-USA president, Dr. Victoria Mora, explains, "At UWC-USA, we work on sustainability from a personal, communal, and environmental standpoint because we recognize that these are all connected. As an institution, we express our commitment to this integral understanding of sustainability by creating the conditions for students to practice all three. On the environmental side, we focus on things like recycling and sustainable farming to feed ourselves and share with our community. Our students also engage with us in the work we are doing to transform ourselves into a more sustainable institution. That kind of work has earned us the distinction of being the first secondary school to win a rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Ed. We are including our aspiration to become a model community for sustainable practices and choices in our strategy to innovate for impact and in our upcoming 40th anniversary campaign to fund our aspirations."

Putting Choices into Action
For these reasons, Dr. Mora was determined to choose retirement plan investments that demonstrated the connection between the school’s values, the choices it makes, and the actions it takes. She was also committed to making sure the school’s employees were being cared for.

Fortunately, she was working with the right retirement plan advisor: Doug Lynam, a former Benedictine monk, who is is a partner at Longview Asset Management in Santa Fe, NM. Longview is a socially responsible Registered Investment Advisor serving high net worth individuals, foundations, and retirement plans around the country – with a focus on helping make money a force for good.

On his recommendation, UWC-USA added the Natixis Sustainable Future Funds®, an ESG-focused target date family, as the default option (QDIA) in its 403(b) plan. As Mr. Lynam points out, “we’re just waking up to the reality that ESG is now another crucial factor for all investors to consider – just like large-cap vs. small-cap or growth vs. value. When we understand that and factor ESG into our investment decisions, we can improve risk-adjusted returns for our clients.”

Dr. Mora agrees and points out that it’s been exciting to work with Mr. Lynam on the school's new retirement plan. She notes that returns have been competitive, participation has increased, and the school’s staff has shown enthusiasm for the plan’s reflection of the institution's mission and values.
The views and opinions expressed are those of UWC-USA and Longview Asset Management and may not be the views of other plan sponsors. Their views may change at any time based on market and other conditions. The experience of UWC-USA and Longview Asset Management may not be representative of the experience of others, and the views shared by UWC-USA and Longview Asset Management are no guarantee of future performance or success.

Before investing, consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Visit im.natixis.com or call 800-862-4863 for a prospectus or a summary prospectus containing this and other information. Read it carefully.

The Funds are designed for investors who will be age 65 around the year indicated in each Fund’s name. When choosing a Fund, investors who anticipate retiring significantly earlier or later than age 65 may want to select a Fund closer to their anticipated retirement year. Besides age, there may be other considerations relevant to fund selection, including personal circumstances, risk tolerance and specific investment goals.

Each fund’s asset allocation becomes increasingly conservative as it approaches the target date and beyond. Allocations may deviate plus or minus 10% from their targeted percentages. Investments in the Funds are subject to the risks of the underlying funds and separately managed segments. Principal invested is not guaranteed against losses. It is possible to lose money by investing in the Funds, including at and after the Funds’ target date. Investments in the Funds are subject to the risks of the underlying funds and separately managed segments.

The Fund’s ESG investment approach could cause the Fund to perform differently compared to funds that do not have such an approach or compared to the market as a whole. The Fund’s application of ESG-related considerations may affect the Fund’s exposure to certain issuers, industries, sectors, style factors or other characteristics and may impact the relative performance of the Fund – positively or negatively – depending on the relative performance of such investments.

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