We're Committed to Equality

As our industry rapidly evolves, our diverse and talented employees are critical to driving innovation.



Natixis Global Scholarship Program

This program helps us develop a pipeline of candidates and provides hands-on experience within the financial services industry in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

  • France

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

Sciences Po

Sciences Po is an international research university, ranking among the finest institutions in the fields of humanities and social sciences. The program is designed to help up to five students for three to five years with scholarships and tuition fee waivers.

Support and Mentoring

Students receive academic support for Sciences Po’s courses and teaching methods, as well as tutoring, mentoring and internship opportunities.


Haringey Community Gold and London Academy of Excellence

The programme creates a partnership between Natixis Investment Managers, Haringey Community Gold and London Academy of Excellence Tottenham (LAETottenham) helps first generation students from low-income communities to get into university. Two students who have demonstrated financial need receive receive a scholarship to help them pursue a degree and or career in business or related field. This $10,000 commitment is renewable for up to four years.

Support and Mentoring

The programme includes 1:1 support and mentoring, leadership training, and placement in a Natixis IM internship.


Bottom Line

This program helps more than 3,000 first-generation students from low-income communities get into college, graduate and establish themselves in mobilizing careers. Two students who have a demonstrated financial need receive a scholarship to help them pursue a degree and/or career in business or a related field. This is a $10,000 renewable commitment for up to four years.

Position within the Natixis IM summer internship program

This includes a job shadow program and mentorship participation.


#10000 Black Interns

The #10000 Black Interns program has partnered with firms from 24 different sectors to deliver internships across a range of internal business functions for five consecutive years. Each internship presents the opportunity to change a life.

Other Programs

Internship Program

At Natixis, we create internships that introduce students at the elementary, high school, and college levels to career opportunities in the finance industry. We’re committed to developing a pipeline of talent for our industry for the long term.

Academy of the Pacific Rim and Life Learning Academy

Partnerships with the Academy of the Pacific Rim (APR) in Boston and the Life Learning Academy (LLA) in San Francisco are an expansion of our longstanding commitment to the communities where we operate.

In addition to the firm’s financial contributions, Natixis associates organize skills-based volunteering opportunities to teach APR students financial literacy. They also work to develop “career exploration” videos designed to introduce LLA pupils to different roles within financial services.

We believe that exposing underrepresented students, with a focus on racial and ethnic minorities, to the numerous career trajectories available within financial services can help expand diversity in future candidate pools.

Graduate Challenge

In the Natixis Investment Managers Graduate Challenge, 12 teams of students, selected from over 45 submissions, compete to manage simulated investment portfolios over the course of three months.

As part of the program, the teams are mentored by our asset management experts from Natixis Investment Managers Solutions, Harris Associates, Loomis Sayles, Dorval AM, DNCA Finance, Mirova, Ossiam, Ostrum AM, Seeyond AM, Thematics AM and Vega IM.

The teams are evaluated on how effectively they managed their virtual portfolios according to ESG principles and strict investment guidelines, as well as their capacity to articulate and present their investment approach and decisions.

Awards and Recognition

Citywire Gender Diversity Awards 2020Citywire Gender Diversity Awards 2020: Natixis Investment Managers was recognized among fund management groups for making progress in the representation of women and gender diversity practices,1 as the winning asset management company for the Regional Leader US (50–100 managers) category.

InvestmentNews’ Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2021InvestmentNews’ Excellence in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Awards: Natixis Investment Managers was celebrated as a Diversity Champion at InvestmentNews’ annual event held on September 21, 2021, to recognize individuals, advisory firms, industry partners and institutions for their dedication to diversity and inclusion initiatives.

BBJ Most Generous Employees 2021Most Generous Employees2
Natixis Investment Managers was recognized by the Boston Business Journal as having the most generous employees for the tenth consecutive year.

BBJ Largest Corp Charitable Contributors 2021Largest Charitable Corporation2
Natixis Investment Managers was named among the top charitable corporations by the Boston Business Journal, placing 49th out of 98 firms.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are proud of, and inspired by, the diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and talents shared by our team every day as we work together toward one common goal: to help people live better financial lives. To learn more about our focus on diversity and inclusion, please visit our Diversity and Inclusion page.