Market volatility is here. Some fear it. But you harness it.

We’re here to help you solve your stickiest client challenges. Tap into our diverse, expert team for support, research, and analysis – to help you have complicated conversations and make critical investment decisions when it counts.

Where is Your Focus?

  • Rising Rates

  • Inflation

  • Tax Management

  • Market Declines

Explore where rising interest rates are creating opportunity for active fixed income managers.

Loomis Sayles Investment Grade Bond Fund

Track inflation trends and how they are impacting sectors of the economy every month.

Inflation Tracker

Turn today’s market volatility into tax savings. Check out Direct Indexing’s tax loss harvesting advantages.

Direct Indexing

Put short-term volatility to work for long-term results. See how value investing can help you buy quality businesses at discounted prices.

Oakmark Fund

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Get Macro Insights to Help You Prepare

Our strategists continually monitor key themes around trends, opportunities, and risks. You’ll get data-driven analysis of today’s capital markets that looks beyond the headlines and helps you put current events into better context. It’s the pulse check you need to make strategic and tactical moves in client portfolios.

Get Your Insights

Market Sentiment: Actionable Research That Helps You Understand and Deliver

The Natixis Center for Investor Insight is a global research initiative focused on the critical issues shaping today’s investment landscape. We examine sentiment and behavior, market outlooks and trends, and risk perceptions of institutional investors, financial professionals and individuals around the world. Our goal is to fuel a more substantive discussion of issues with a 360° view of markets and meaningful analysis of investment trends.

Portfolio Analysis

Achieving effective portfolio diversification has become increasingly challenging.

Our expert team of consultants uses sophisticated analytic tools to identify and quantify sources of risk and return in portfolios.

We’ve evaluated more than 15,000 model portfolios for investment professionals since 2012.

How can we put this knowledge to work for you?

Get objective, risk-based analysis that offers you a deeper level of insight.

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