Alix Boisaubert is Head of Global Corporate Communications for Natixis’ Asset & Wealth Management activities and is a member of the Management Committee. In her role, she is instrumental in building the firm’s brands and strengthening relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Alix previously served as Head of Communications, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Ostrum Asset Management, a Natixis Investment Managers investment affiliate.

Alix originally joined Natixis Asset Management in 2004 and held multiple product marketing and communications roles (also with Natixis Investment Managers), most recently as Head of Communications.

Alix holds a master’s degree in Management (with honors) from NEOMA Business School, a master’s degree in marketing, human resources, and finance from Curtin University (Perth, Australia), and a Master in Business Law (with honors) from Faculté de droit de Nancy.