Natixis Investment Managers and Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking are pleased to announce that they have extended their partnership with the Paris Opera as founding sponsors of its Academy and sponsors of its Musicians in Residence program until 2024. In addition to this renewed support, the partnership will also promote the development of a gender-balanced lyrical music conductor training program.

Natixis Investment Managers (Natixis IM) and Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking (Natixis CIB), Groupe BPCE's Global Financial Services businesses (GFS), have supported the Paris Opera since 2015 as founding sponsors of the Academy and sponsors of the Musicians in Residence program.

This renewed partnership with the Paris Opera Academy out to 2024 will equally support the development of a new lyrical music conductors in residence training program for women and men. This training program creates two positions to train as lyrical music conductors and ensures a gender balance with a view to promoting equal opportunities for female and male conductors. This initiative is consistent with Natixis IM's and Natixis CIB's pledges to promote gender equality in the workplace and support training for young people.

Nicolas Namias, CEO GFS (Natixis IM et Natixis CIB), states: "I am thrilled to extend our partnership with the Paris Opera and its Academy, and to promote the deep-rooted convictions that we share: gender balance, which is a crucial challenge in both the corporate world and culture; the importance of training and diversity; and a commitment to supporting talented youth from across the world."

Alexander Neef, Director General of the Paris Opera, adds: "We would like to sincerely thank Natixis IM and Natixis CIB for their faithful support as main sponsors for the Paris Opera, which helps us fulfil one of our key roles in passing on culture and knowledge. This priority has been firmly rooted at the very center of our organization's purpose since the creation of the Royal Dance and Music Academies in the 17th century. I would also like to applaud their commitment to supporting gender equality as they help us develop a training program with an equal gender balance for women and men preparing to become lyrical music conductors at the Paris Opera Academy."

Myriam Mazouzi, Director of the Paris Opera Academy, notes: "We are very proud to have enjoyed the support of Natixis and its businesses since 2015 in backing our training program for talented young students at the Academy. This has promoted the emergence of a new generation of professional musicians. Passing on culture and expertise across generations is crucial in safeguarding the future of opera, and we are delighted that Natixis IM and Natixis CIB are extending their patronage and supporting our new gender-balanced training program to accompany women and men preparing to become lyrical music conductors at the Paris Opera Academy. This will help bolster women's representation as conductors, as currently only 4% of conductors in France are women."