Thematics Asset Management ESG report

Thematics Asset Management announces the upcoming release of their ESG report, highlighting their commitment to being a socially responsible investor.

What has « Being Responsible » meant for Thematics Asset Management in 2020? What are their future ambitions as a responsible investor and how can investors clearly understand their commitment to being a socially responsible & thematic investor?

Thematics Asset Management’s first annual ESG report highlights our consistent and ongoing commitment to socially responsible investing.

Thematic investing

Our approach is structured around four pillars:
  1. secular growth-based opportunities
  2. focusing on thematic niches
  3. being unconstrained in our approach
  4. investing responsibly

Socially responsible investing

Learn more about Thematics AM’s ESG, and voting and engagement policies. How do we manage risks and controversies?

ESG across our strategies

Access detailed analysis of the ESG opportunities across our four key strategies: Safety, AI & Robotics, Subscription Economy, and Water.

Active ownership

See Thematics AM’s concrete actions: engagement, voting, and resolutions proposed.

Our future

Thematics AM’s ambitions for the short, medium and long-term converge all to the same path: strengthening our role as socially responsible investors.

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