SMA Inception Date: 12/31/2010
Objective: Long-term capital appreciation

Why Choose This SMA?

  • As a high active share, concentrated emerging market equity allocation.
  • To add diversification to US equity holdings.
  • To add the growth potential of emerging markets to international equity holdings.

Investment Strategy

  • WCM uses a bottom-up approach that seeks to identify companies with attractive fundamentals, such as low or no debt, rising returns on invested capital, and reasonably predictable free cash flow generation. The team focuses on assessing the trajectory of a company’s competitive advantage (“economic moat”) and the alignment of its corporate culture with this economic moat.
  • The team’s focus is on industry-leading emerging market companies led by visionary management teams with sound business strategies. These companies often dominate their industry, and the team believes they will continue that domination well into the future.
  • When selecting equity investments, the targeted minimum time horizon is 3-5 years.
  • Above-average returns can only be achieved by structuring portfolios distinct from market indices. As a result, the strategy typically holds 40-60 companies, concentrated around the managers’ best ideas.

Portfolio Managers

Mike Trigg

Portfolio Manager and Business Analyst

Pete Hunkel

Portfolio Manager and Business Analyst

Sanjay Ayer, CFA®

Portfolio Manager and Business Analyst

Greg Ise, CFA®

Portfolio Manager and Business Analyst

Mike Tian, CFA®

Portfolio Manager and Business Analyst