Midyear 2022: Volatility, Value in Global Equities & Energy Crisis

Volatility levers and value opportunities in 2H are explored by Chris Wallis, CEO, Vaughan Nelson Investment Management.

Will heightened volatility across global markets continue in the second half of 2022? Chris Wallis, Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager at Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, thinks volatility will indeed remain elevated for some time as investors are still pricing in rapid Fed and European Central Bank pivots to raise interest rates. As a result, value-oriented Vaughan Nelson is continuing to add attractive stocks to its shopping list – to be ready to add new positions and add to existing holdings if and when the market starts to discount lower earnings and growth estimates over the next 12 months.

Watch this midyear global equities outlook video for insight on:
  • Rising risk of a recession vs. inflation
  • Precarious position for the Fed and markets
  • Geopolitical premium in energy prices
  • Valuation advantage of global equities
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