Macro Insights: About That Recession…

Portfolio strategists analyze macro storylines in the third quarter including growth, inflation, the strength of the US consumer, and the outlook for rates.

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions Portfolio Strategists Jack Janasiewicz and Garrett Melson offer their take on the shifting macro storylines in the third quarter. Highlights include the acceleration in real growth while inflation is improving, progress on Fed Chair Powell’s checklist, the outlook for rates, and some perspective on student loan debt.
  • The much-feared recession has failed to materialize so far, as the economy and growth have been more resilient than expected.
  • Many of the headwinds from 2022 turned to tailwinds this year as the economy continues to normalize after the pandemic.
  • Capital expenditures and cost cutting are improving productivity and pandemic bottlenecks are fading away.
  • US consumers are still spending, housing and manufacturing are stabilizing, and auto production has fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Core goods prices are actually in deflation, and if inflation gets closer to the Fed’s 2% target, rate cuts could be possible next year.
  • The resumption of student loan payments has raised concerns about continued consumer strength, but any effects are likely to be marginal.
  • Student debt payments represent less than 0.5% of overall US consumer spending – not enough to tip the US economy into recession.
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