Green Vision: Travel Through Tech Odyssey

Risks of the growing, unpredictable technology sector and its infinite possibilities to meet environmental and social challenges are explored by Mirova analyst.

In this Green Vision episode, Mirova Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) analyst Louise Schreiber offers a multi-faceted look into the challenging transition to a more sustainable world and the technology sector’s role.

For years, technology has driven global growth while being responsible for the greatest disruptions of this century. With more connected devices than people in the world by 2025, predictions estimate that over 41 billion devices will capture data on how we live, work, and move through our cities, presenting obvious risks:

  • Protection of users’ fundamental rights from companies misusing personal data for political manipulation or misinformation.
  • Treatment of manufacturing workers in extractive industries and assembly lines among vulnerable populations and less regulated countries.
  • Escalating volumes of electronic waste given recycling in this area is sorely inadequate
Along with discovering companies that present such risks, Mirova’s research efforts also identify numerous companies working towards environmental and social solutions in the transition to increased sustainability:

  • Internet access in emerging countries fosters economic and social development.
  • Smart management of electricity and water networks can lead to better integration of renewable energy.
  • Electric vehicles, solar panels, state-of-the-art medical equipment rely on new technologies
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