Listen in as Ed Farrington, Executive Vice President of Retirement at Natixis Investment Managers, conducts a roundtable discussion on the results of the 2018 Global Retirement Index—and how those results highlight key threats impacting global retirement security. Joining him are Dave Lafferty, Chief Market Strategist, Esty Dwek, Senior Investment Strategist, and Jens Peers, CIO Sustainable Equities and Fixed Income at Mirova1.

Podcast overview: Five threats to global retirement security
Ten years after the financial crisis, major trends are shaping − and reshaping − the global retirement landscape.

  1. Monetary Policy
    A decade of ultra-low interest rates has widened the pension gap, challenging pension managers to address mounting liabilities and forcing retirees to annuitize savings on unfavorable terms.
  2. Public Debt
    Asset repurchase programs have helped stabilize markets during the crisis, but they’ve also radically increased public debt, straining resources to be allocated to government pensions and critical elderly services.
  3. Demographics
    Aging populations and expanding old-age dependency ratios across the globe lead to unpopular discussions about reduced pension payouts and raising retirement ages − and pose questions about effective immigration policy.
  4. Climate Change
    Rising temperatures and rising sea levels heighten health, safety, and insurance risks for retirees while presenting obstacles for policy makers focused on sustainability.
  5. Quality of Life
    Shifting employment dynamics, rising healthcare costs, and increasing environmental pressures will all have an impact on the security of retirees across the globe.

For a summary of this discussion, download the Supplement to the 2018 Global Retirement Index.

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