Ostrum Asset Management

  • Founded:  1984
  • Headquartered:  Paris, France
  • Expertise:  Euro sovereign debt, Inflation, Aggregate, Credit, Equity and Fixed Income Insurance-specific Solutions, Europe/Emerging/Global
  • AUM: GBP 401B as of December 31, 2020

Ostrum Asset Management draws on its investment expertise to enhance the impact of its clients’ commitments as they act together to support European citizens’ life plans, health and retirement. A European institutional investment management leader1, Ostrum Asset Management supports its clients in their liability-driven investments, offering both asset management solutions on the back of its long-standing fixed-income and insurance-related management expertise, and investment services via its innovative technological platform.

Ostrum Asset Management is a well-established responsible investment advocate2 and helps large institutional clients – insurers, pension funds, health insurers, corporations – as well as management companies worldwide across all asset classes.

Ostrum Asset Management is an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers.

1 IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2020 ranked Ostrum AM as the 77th largest asset manager, as at 12/31/2019. IPE rates asset managers by global assets under management. Any reference to a ranking, a rating or an award provides no guarantee for future performance.

2 Ostrum AM was one of the first French asset manager signatories to the PRI in 2008. More details:

Assets under management ("AUM") as reported, may include notional assets, assets serviced, gross assets, assets of minority-owned affiliated entities and other types of non-regulatory AUM managed or serviced by firms affiliated with Natixis Investment Managers.

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