A Compelling Perspective Considers All The Angles
We practice Active Thinking®. It's our insight-driven approach to active management. It balances diverse opinions, deep data, and detailed analysis to uncover new opportunities and deliver unconventional perspectives to help support your strategy.

A Compelling Perspective Considers All The Angles

Fueled by our curiosity, expertise, and global experience, Active Thinking helps power innovative solutions that lead to smarter portfolios.

High-Conviction, Active Managers

Take advantage of more than 200 investment strategies from our 20+ affiliated asset managers. Learn more about their unique capabilities below.

Our Active Thinking® Approach

We take a dynamic view of markets, investors, and portfolios to help empower investment professionals. That means you’ll get broader perspectives on investments—and the intellectual capital to help keep you informed.

Portfolio Consulting
Our specialized consultants use sophisticated analytic tools to identify and quantify sources of risk and return for investment professionals who seek a deeper level of insight to build smarter portfolios. Learn more

Research and Analysis
Tap into robust, proprietary research on the attitudes and behaviors of individual investors, financial professionals, and institutional decision makers around the world. Learn more

Market Insights
Gain fresh views on the global markets that you can apply to your investment practice or your portfolio strategy. Learn more

Explore our broad range of funds, designed to address a variety of specific investing goals and concerns. Learn more

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