What is Impact Investing ?

As asset managers increasingly promote ESG investing, Mirova, sets out what makes their approach unique.

Impact investing: a broad approach in need of an explicit definition
‘Impact investing’ is a relatively new addition to the vocabulary of finance. Initially applied to unlisted equities, it has evolved to describe investments that seek to achieve impact without compromising financial return. Expanding the concept opens it to interpretation, creating the risk of a mismatch between investor expectations and real-world outcomes – a situation known as ‘impact-washing’. This makes it all the more necessary to define precisely what makes an impact investing approach unique, and what distinguishes a sincere and effective impact approach from more token efforts.

How do you recognize an impact investor?
Mirova was founded to offer investors strategies for reconciling the creation of financial returns while still having positive impacts on the environment and society. Our positioning is in line with the impact investment approach, which we apply across all asset classes.

As our clients, peers and regulators increasingly attach importance to sustainable development issues, we feel it has become necessary to reflect on the definition and nature of our impacts. So, how do you recognize an impact investor?
Impact Investor

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