Amid the clamour for everything ESG today, some argue that modern finance has forgotten its sense of purpose. What do investors want? Is it really just better risk management or outperformance? Or is it more about having a meaningful positive impact? To help investors and advisers decide what it is that they really want to achieve, we’ve put together a collection of insights that filter through the noise of what’s really happening in ESG today. We take a closer look at how blended finance, policy influence and shareholder engagement are already becoming key instruments in enabling investors to have a meaningful impact in sustainable investment.

Our Insights

Academic Perspectives
At Natixis Investment Managers, our interpretation of ESG is informed through collaboration – with organisations like the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), but also with industry experts and academics from outside asset management. To that end, we’ve interviewed those individuals who we consider important voices and leading thinkers in this area, challenging our own thinking with their insights to collectively explore a better way forward in ESG.