Mirova is a key player in sustainable investment. Thanks to a conviction-driven style, a strong capacity for innovation and the ability to collaborate with the best experts, Mirova seeks to offer solutions that are adapted to the needs of clients and have a high impact.

With the Creating Sustainable Value newsletter, Mirova offers you to understand the markets from a new angle and to engage in sustainable development.

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Key Content

  • After the progress made in 2019, 2020 could be a pivotal year for sustainable finance
  • Should the financial markets worry about social inequalities?
  • Market breakdown: 2019 was remarkable in many aspects. All risky assets posted strong gains, especially equities.
  • Green bonds: already twelve years of existence, and a whole life ahead...
  • Transition Bonds: Heading towards a transition?
  • 2020, the year of biodiversity
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