For several years now, the quest for well-being has been a major concern for our societies and the individuals who make them up. The race to perfection, both professional and private, ageing populations and their medical consequences, sedentary lifestyles and urbanization are all phenomena that have led to the emergence of new issues in today's society that impact our well-being. Well beyond a simple fad, this incarnates a major societal shift responding to structural demographic changes.


  • A healthier diet, more regular screening and a better lifestyle are all effective preventive factors against the onset and aggravation of diseases such as cancer, heart problems as well as the decreases of cognitive and physical capacities.
  • For some researchers, stress has been singled out as "THE" disease of the century. The race to productivity, frantic lifestyles, lack of sleep, pollution and ambient noise are all responsible for this phenomenon.
  • The move towards a healthier lifestyle is not only desired by individuals, but also encouraged by governments and companies.
  • The various lockdowns around the world accelerated these trends. As the world emerges from the global pandemic, individual consumers are increasingly seeking to be and remain healthy in body and mind.
  • At the same time, increasing life expectancy, changing consumer habits and the democratization of technology are enabling individuals to be more health conscious by proactively seeking to make healthier choices.
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