Why Investing on Volatility Markets ?

Simon Aninat, volatility portfolio manager at Seeyond, explains what volatilty investing can bring to investors’ asset allocation.

Key Highlights
  • Volatility is often associated with big swings in either direction. In that sense, volatility is more about speed of market movements and less about their direction.
  • Investors tend to rely on their capacity to time the market to anticipate market rallies or crashes. At Seeyond, we believe market timing is a myth, especially considering the recent violent corrections and rebounds.
  • Investors should try to build more resilient allocations and volatility strategies can be of great help to do so depending on the investors’ need.
This interview took place in September 2020

Main risks of Seeyond’s volatility strategies : capital loss risk, volatility-linked risk, risk related to the underlying asset, model-based risk.

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