Driven by thriving regulatory constraints, competition and complex clients’ requests, Natixis Investment Managers Solutions has built Asset Studio: an innovative platform that is designed to ease our client’s investment journey

Asset Studio is an innovative digital platform offering our clients direct access to strategic functionalities and analytics. It provides customised metrics and enhanced analytics, ranging from risk and scenario analysis to the modelling of complex instruments.
Regulatory constraints, complexity of investment issues: the global challenges are numerous today. At Natixis IM Solutions, our priority is to support our clients and help them meet their needs: Asset Studio is a global digital tool that aims to facilitate their investment journey. It incorporates and combines various data sources allowing clients to access differentiating features on a centralised platform.
Whether you are a financial advisor, an institutional client, a banking network or a private bank we remain by your side and help you achieve your investment goals but also guide you at every single step of your investment journey.
Asset Studio provides best-in-class technology at every step of the investment process: it is based on external Cloud capabilities to leverage on accessibility, flexibility and scalability. In this secured ecosystem we leverage on specialised Fintechs to efficiently deliver advanced functionalities. Each Fintech has its own area of expertise.
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Asset Studio, Platform functionalities

Icons charts desktopAsset Studio, Platform functionalities
* As of May 20, 2022, these functionalities are still under construction. and add it right after the 8 functionalities

Asset Studio, Key features:
  • Customization of the environments and analytics according to each client’s requirements
  • Best-in-class functionalities allowing to access data in the past, in the present and to project future behaviour
  • Web access allowing a light implementation
  • Agility with a variety of onboarded fintechs, robust thanks to the Natixis infrastructure
  • A “security-by-design” approach to ensure complete reliability of the tool and related data
Natixis Investment Managers Solutions teams, based in several locations (Paris, London, Boston, Singapore) gathers the asset allocation, the portfolio construction, multi-asset portfolio management and structuring expertises of Natixis Investment Managers. Only the entity based in Paris has the portfolio management company certification.

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