Our model gives access to more than 20 independent investment affiliates throughout the world. The Solutions team aims to leverage this unique marriage of skill and scale to tailor investments to meet the specific objectives of our clients."

We are the Solutions business of Natixis Investment Managers with access to the diverse capabilities of 22 independent investment affiliates worldwide and experience in delivering bespoke analysis, multi-asset strategies, tools and services to a diverse and multinational client base.

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions teams, based in several locations (Paris, London, Boston, Singapore) gathers the asset allocation, the portfolio construction, multi-asset portfolio management and structuring expertises of Natixis Investment Managers. Only the entity based in Paris has the portfolio management company certification.

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Boston • London • Paris • Singapore
Experienced advisors to
clients across the globe

A diverse staff of
70 professionals averaging
20 years’ experience*

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Local language fluency:
English   French
Italian   Spanish

How We Work

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions offers access to a diverse range of investment expertise with fully integrated services that put clients at the centre of every step of the investment journey. From design to delivery, we focus on one goal: building bespoke investment solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • A thorough understanding of characteristics and causes of client challenges to provide a roadmap for key requirements and a foundation for informed decisions.
  • Working from detailed analytics and informed by specific constraints to deliver a clear plan for portfolio construction.
  • Focus on specific areas within client portfolios to create an investment proposition that delivers a distinct outcome based on their specific needs.

What We Offer

Global Market Strategy Card
Global Market Strategy
  • A value-added analysis designed to help clients define investment strategy across key markets with both macro-economic and asset allocation inputs
  • Macro-economic input to support the decision-making process
  • A top-down approach for computing long-term expected returns across major asset classes

ESG Investing
ESG Solutions
  • The nexus of all ESG & Climate initiatives within NIM Solutions
  • Assisting clients every step of their ESG and climate journey through our ‘A La Carte’ offering: Assess, Allocate, Invest and Report
  • Recognized thought leadership on cutting edge ESG & Climate developments

solutions clarity card
Portfolio Clarity
  • Market leading, independent analysis for clients who want to better understand the drivers of risk and diversification in their model portfolios
  • Enhanced analytics to help clients with ESG scoring, climate forward looking simulations and risk budgeting
  • Tailored service for each client with expert Consultants to assist in making sense of the findings

  • Insightful advice based on an in depth assessment of a client’s needs
  • The construction of bespoke model portfolios with a focus of risk control and alpha generation
  • Advisory structure and reporting needs adapted to fit requirements of each client’s specifications

Multi-asset portfolios
Multi-Asset Portfolio Management
  • Highly experienced team of multi asset portfolio managers with a long track record of multi asset funds and mandates
  • Well establish investment process combining 3 elements of value addition (long-term strategic asset allocation, medium-term top down tactical asset allocation and short term mandate specific decisions)
  • Assisted by an in-house fund research team to help add further returns through bottomup fund selection


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For a comprehensive list of our core competencies, download the Natixis IM Solutions pitchbook.