We are the Solutions business of Natixis Investment Managers with access to the diverse capabilities of 22 independent investment affiliates worldwide and experience in delivering bespoke analysis, multi-asset strategies, tools and services to a diverse and multinational client base. 

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Boston • London • Paris • Singapore
Experienced advisors to
clients across the globe

A diverse staff of
70 professionals averaging
20 years’ experience*

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Local language fluency:
English   French
Italian   Spanish

Our model gives access to more than 20 independent investment affiliates throughout the world. The Solutions team aims to leverage this unique marriage of skill and scale to tailor investments to meet the specific objectives of our clients."

~ Claire Martinetto
Head of Natixis Investment Managers Solutions

How We Work

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions offers access to a diverse range of investment expertise with fully integrated services that put clients at the centre of every step of the investment journey. From design to delivery, we focus on one goal: building bespoke investment solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.
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What We Offer

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Services and Strategy
  • Bespoke portfolio assessments that are flexible, independent and unbiased
  • Assets and liabilities evaluations to help optimise target risk and returns
  • Macro-economic input to support investment decision-making

ESG Investing
Design and Development
  • Insightful analysis based on knowledge of client needs
  • Support to define, integrate and report on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) objectives
  • Tailor made portfolio overlay solutions for an extra dimension of monitoring

Multi-asset portfolios
Management and Maintenance
  • Multi-asset portfolio management that responds to client preferences
  • Range of funds dedicated to retirement savings, including a de-risking glide path that suits to the expected retirement dates for investors
  • Customised structured products supported by cloud based analytical tools


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For a comprehensive list of our core competencies, download the Natixis IM Solutions pitchbook.