Mobility: The low-carbon road

Camille Barré looks at what we need to change today to ensure we move in a greener, quieter and smarter way tomorrow.

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Green Vision is an educational series of films featuring ESG (environmental, social and governance) analysts from our affiliate Mirova, an expert in sustainable investing. Each episode focuses on a different sector and explores the transitions taking place that will revolutionise the way we consider our investments. Let us guide you through the technologies and methodologies that are finding brighter ways ahead.

Our Experts

Louise Schreiber

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Technology Sector

Hadrien Gaudin-Hamama

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Resources Sector

Camille Barré

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Mobility Sector

Manon Salomez

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Health Sector

Eva L’Homme

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Construction Sector
Jean-Pierre Dmirdjian Photo

Jean-Pierre Dmirdjian

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Energy Sector

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