Hydrogen is the topic on everyone’s lips today.

Today, approximately 70 Mt of pure hydrogen is produced, with the two main markets being crude oil refining (52%) and the production of ammonia (43%).1 When combined with other gases, hydrogen is also used in the production of methanol, steelmaking, the food industry and glassmaking.1

But as soon as it becomes “green”, hydrogen takes on new applications and stands out as one of the most promising energy carriers, as it can be used to stock and distribute energy.

Converted into electricity, heat or natural gas, it offers the opportunity to harness surplus electricity generated from renewable energies, produce natural gas without using fossil fuels, and provide the transport sector with a low-carbon and zero local pollution fuel.

Find out the analysis of Mirova’s experts.


  • A multi purpose gas with outstanding energy properties.
  • Fast-growing worldwide demand and solid prospects to shift from carbon-intensive (grey) to renewable (green) hydrogen.
  • A highly favorable environment: political, regulatory, industrial wise.
  • Multiple financing opportunities: infrastructure, equity, green bonds, etc…
1 The Future of Hydrogen, International Renewable Energy Agency, June 2019.

Written in March 2021

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