The Natixis Investment Managers platform has been growing for more than 30 years, with a comprehensive range of specialist management teams and tailored strategies for every investor need. ESG has been an important component throughout - and even before Natixis Investment Managers existed in its present form.

One of the earliest movers in the environmental and societal impact space was Natixis Investment Managers affiliate Mirova. Mirova has built long-term expertise within a multi-asset strategy including Equities, Fixed Income, Energy transition infrastructures, then Natural Capital.

At Mirova, acting as a responsible investor means looking at the economy in the context of the environmental and societal issues integrated within it, going beyond the short - and medium-term profitability of individual assets. It requires an understanding of the interactions between private and
public actors, between companies of different sizes, and between developed and developing economies to ensure that the growth of each is compatible with the system’s overall balance.
‘Responsible investing must be considered over the long term to make sure that today’s choices will not have a negative impact on future generations,’ says Jens Peers, CEO and CIO of Mirova US.

‘Our proprietary ratings on Environmental, Social and Governance factors allow us to maximise exposure to highly rated companies. Those are companies we believe have a positive impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Companies involved in controversial activities are systematically removed from the investment universe,’ adds Peers.

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manner without the prior permission of Natixis Investment Managers.Natixis Investment Managers includes all the investment and distribution entities affiliated with Natixis Distribution, L.P and Natixis investment Managers S.A.

MIROVA, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers,
Limited liability company, RCS Paris no. 394 648 216 Regulated by AMF under no. GP
02-014 59 Avenue Pierre Mendès-France, 75013 Paris

888 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199; Tel: 857-305-6333 Mirova US is a U.S.- based
investment advisor that is a wholly owned affiliate of Mirova. Mirova is operated in the
U.S. through Mirova US. Mirova US and Mirova entered into an agreement whereby
Mirova provides Mirova US investment and research expertise, which Mirova US then
combines with its own expertise when providing advice to clients

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