As part of our ongoing commitment to ESG, Natixis Investment Managers Solutions has upgraded the Natixis Portfolio Clarity analysis tool to also include non-financial data.

Most investors now agree that ESG needs to be at the core of any long-term allocation.

However, with so many competing sources of information and little consensus on ESG standards and definitions it is difficult to assess accurately the sustainability and social responsibility – of a portfolio.

Given the complex and multi-faceted nature of ESG, it is critical to get a holistic overview of your investments that incorporates both financial and extra-financial metrics.

Portfolio Clarity now provides an easy-to-understand representation of your portfolio’s key ESG indicators and compares them with relevant peers and benchmarks, assisting you in drawing a link between sustainability and financial performance.

Our Portfolio Clarity tool
Our Portfolio Barometers provide actionable insights into the allocation and investing trends of Financial Advisors worldwide.

The Barometers may also be used for peer benchmarking purposes, offering insight on key portfolio drivers, investor behaviors and global best practices.

Adding ESG data to the Barometers offers a unique opportunity to benchmark the sustainability of your allocation against to that of you peers

Other analytics available include:

Our Portfolio Clarity tool
Source : Natixis Investment Managers Solutions - as of September 30, 2020.


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