As highly active managers, Natixis Investment Managers is committed to ESG (environmental, social, governance) principles. Through the expertise of our affiliated managers, we have more than 30 years of experience in responsible investing. The majority of our managers integrate ESG factors into their investment process. Globally, more than 90% of our assets are managed by affiliates that are signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment.1

We offer a range of strategies centered on the belief that ESG factors can play a meaningful role in uncovering opportunities, identifying potential risks, and generating competitive returns for investors.

Growing Investor Interest in Sustainable Investing

Survey data gathered over the past several years documents increasing interest in responsible investment solutions on the part of professional and individual investors.

6 in 10 investment professionals 
agree there is alpha to be found in sustainable investments2

7 in 10 individual investors world wide
would like their investments to do social good3

Nearly two-thirds of institutional investors
believe ESG will become a standard practice within the next five years4

Implementing ESG Strategies

There are a number of ways to implement responsible investing strategies. Diversifying across strategies may help manage investment risk and increase opportunities for return. Natixis Investment Managers offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to meet a variety of sustainable investment needs.

ESGIcon ESG Integration ESGIcon Screening ESGIcon Active Ownership ESGIcon Impact Thematics
Incorporates ESG factors into fundamental analysis to pursue alpha and mitigate risk
Screening securities on ESG or values-based criteria
ESG issues are incorporated into our ownership policies and practices
Investment selection guided by ESG themes and positive impact

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