Natixis Investment Managers has a multi-affiliate approach, and as part of this the day to day management of the funds are delegated to these specialist investment affiliates. This currently includes liquidity and dilution management.

To reflect market practise and in its wish to safeguard the interests of its long-term shareholders, swing pricing is in place for selected sub-funds across the ranges offered by Natixis Investment Managers, including Lux, Dublin, UK and French domiciled funds.

Swing pricing aims to protect existing investors from the dilution effects of other investors transacting in the fund, allocating the costs of dilution to those investors, rather than to the fund.

The following funds are in scope of swing pricing mechanism:

Fund Name Management Company Domicile

Please refer to the following link for the Frequently Asked Questions on the swing pricing introduced by Ostrum Asset Management, an investment manager. Download the Swing Pricing FAQ.

The funds listed above are not registered or authorized for sale in all jurisdictions and may not be available to all investors in a jurisdiction. Accordingly, if persons who consult this webpage have any questions about the registration or authorization of the funds referenced in the list above, they should contact the local representative of the relevant fund (if any) in their respective jurisdiction, their financial advisor or the fund’s management company for further information in connection with the funds that are available in their jurisdiction.