Publié en décembre 2020

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Reflections on Ten Years in Trend Following

Kathryn M. Kaminski from Alpha Simplex looks back on her personal journey in the quest for “crisis alpha”, a research concept she created ten years ago.

What Is Crisis Alpha? How Do Some Managed Futures Strategies Pursue It?

Persistent cross-asset trends during periods of market stress, crisis alpha and the strategic role of managed futures are explained.

Markets in Motion: The Return of Trend

Fundamental investors tend to be skeptical of price-based strategies, because they generally believe that markets are efficient. Yet, during certain scenarios, markets move in unexpected directions temporarily exhibiting price momentum.

  • 7 janvier 2020
Sources of Return Dispersion in Alternative Risk Premia

ASG Research has identified eight sources of potential return dispersion across portfolios of risk premia strategies. A simulation analysis shows, returns can quite differ based on few alterations of these sources.

  • 4 septembre 2019