Vauban Infrastructure Partners (“Vauban”) an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, enhances its leadership in sustainability investment with the establishment of a dedicated ESG Team, this comes in the wake of receiving some excellent results for its in-house ESG framework with GRESB and PRI (A+ rating) and settling several strategic partnerships.

Creation of an ESG Team
Vauban ESG team is now headed by Gwen Colin, ESG Director, who joined Vauban on March 1st 2022. Gwen is supported by Rothman Valencia Mazola, ESG Officer, arrived at Vauban in September 2021. Gwen and Rothman oversee the operational implementation and improvement of processes and procedures constituting the ESG strategy, which is more than ever at the heart of the company and drive how Vauban’s teams operate, invest, manage assets and communicate with investors. As head of ESG, Gwen Colin joins the executive committee of Vauban.

The Investment Team remains highly involved in the ESG values promotions on the respective portfolio companies’ level being accountable for sustainability analysis and enhancing sustainable value creation at the portfolio assets level.

Gwen Colin is in charge of overseeing the ESG methodology evolution and its alignment with Vauban Infrastructure Partners long term strategy. She was previously a consultant for Private Equity and Infrastructure Funds looking to develop their sustainable projects in Europe and Asia. She has been managing projects on impact management, climate change and sustainable finance more broadly. Gwen has started her career as a legal advisor, then project manager, at Credit Agricole Asset Management (now Amundi) in Paris and Luxembourg. Her involvement in sustainable finance started in 2008, leading the product innovation and supporting the distribution of a Socially Responsible Investments offer targeting the Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian sovereign entities, institutional clients, private banks and family offices. Gwen graduated with a Master’s in Business Law and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Bretagne Occidentale in France. She has a certification in Islamic Finance from the Security Investment Institute of London.

Gwen used to work closely with Vauban’s team in a frame of her previous position consulting Vauban in creating its ESG methodology.

Rothman Valencia Mazola joined Vauban in September 2021 as ESG Officer, after 5 years of Responsible Investment experience, notably as an ESG Private Equity Analyst at PAI Partners, and then as Strategy Consultant for the financial industry at PwC. These experiences allowed him to be exposed to various geographies and sectors, including the energy, industrial and agri-food. In addition, he was able to support and advise various private equity Funds, asset managers and banks in the definition of their responsible investment strategies or the implementation of dedicated frameworks for ESG analysis. Rothman graduated with a Bachelor in Law and Politic Science from the University of Paris Nanterre and has a Masters in business administration from the Business School of Rennes in France.

Vauban’s Active Commitment and Major Strategic Partnerships
Transparency, responsibility, and engagement are at the heart of the close relationships that Vauban has built over the years with its investors. In 2021, Vauban reaffirmed its position as Responsible Investors, notably through its public research on Infrastructure impacts on climate changes and the classification of Vauban Core Infrastructure Funds under article 8 of the EU Sustainable Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

In Q1 2022, Gwenola Chambon, CEO of Vauban, joined the Advisory Board of the UN PRI Infrastructure Committee. This Committee advises the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment on the overall strategic direction of the infrastructure workstream to work towards a mor sustainable global infrastructure. This nomination is an opportunity to reaffirm Vauban’s strong commitment to foster green infrastructure around the world. Vauban has also strengthened its climate strategy and formalized its partnership with an independent third-party expert, Carbone 4, to reinforce its analysis, from the due diligence phases, the climate risks and impacts of the deals with high stakes.

In 2022, as a leader in infrastructure investment, Vauban will continue to develop its ESG commitments both at corporate and investment levels.

Vauban will follow its current strategy by focusing on its 4 ESG core targets: Carbon Emissions Reduction, Local Economic Development, Gender Balances Governance and ESG Trainings Promotion. 2022 primary objective will be to dig deeper in our contribution to a fair transition and the fundamentals of the social license to operate.

To know more about Vauban ESG strategy please visit Vauban’s dedicated webpage:

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