The Mirova Europe Sustainable Equity Fund and the Mirova Europe Environmental Equity Fund have been awarded the “Climetrics Funds” award: an award given to funds which best integrate positive climate action in their investment processes, according to the Climetrics rating system.1

During the CDP Europe Awards2 which took place February 19, in Brussels, the Mirova Europe Sustainable Equity Fund and the Mirova Europe Environmental Equity Fund were recognized as being among the 10 most climate-friendly European funds out of a pool of 430 funds. Climetrics ratings are based on three criteria: a fund’s portfolio holdings, its investment policy, and asset manager governance Ratings are awarded according to a scale from 1 leaf (the lowest rating) to 5 leaves (the highest rating). A 5-leaf rating means that a fund invests in companies that are more carbon efficient, better at managing climate-related risks, and more likely to use key technologies that support the energy transition. Being awarded a 5-leaf rating indicates that the systems Mirova has implemented to monitor and analyze climate-related issues are considered among the best in the universe. In total, 5 of Mirova’s funds were awarded a five-leaf rating: The Mirova Euro Sustainable Equity Fund, the Mirova Europe Environmental Equity Fund, the Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund, the Mirova Euro Green and Sustainable Corporate Bond Fund, and Mirova Europe Sustainable Equity Fund.

“We’re very honored to have received this award, which recognizes our continued efforts to reconcile financial performance and environmental impact” said Hervé Guez, Mirova’s CIO of Equities and Fixed Income.

Mirova was among the first management companies to understand the importance of creating a tool for measuring carbon impact. Which is why Mirova, in partnership with Carbone43, developed a methodology for measuring, not just the carbon footprints of its investments, but also key market indexes. This methodology, unlike most previously-developed approaches, uses a “life-cycle” view of carbon impact, which takes into account emissions from business products and services as well as avoided emissions when calculating a company’s carbon footprint.

“Our goal has always been to offer long-term investment solutions.” Hervé Guez explained, “Thanks to Mirova’s careful monitoring of the carbon footprints of its strategies, all of our asset classes are on track to meet the 2°C goal which the international community has set.”

Backed by global environmental non-profit CDP4 and ISS-climate5, Climetrics offers investors a clear and comprehensive assessment of a fund’s climate-related risks and opportunities, and a means to find investments that are well-positioned for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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