Ossiam, the smart beta specialist, has been named Smart Beta Manager of the Year 2021 in the Financial News asset management awards1.

The judging for the awards is a two-step process; with entries reduced to five finalists by Financial News’ editorial team, and a panel of investment industry judges deciding the winning entry.

Ossiam’s successful submission to the Financial News judges pointed out that it has long been a champion of smart beta investment, delivering efficient, transparent and consistent risk-adjusted returns at relatively low cost.

Etienne Vincent, head of quant strategy and marketing at Ossiam, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, says: “When our track record of innovation is viewed over the long term, we can point to a consistent pattern of being ahead of the market with investment strategy concepts.” These concepts started out with minimum variance and equal-weighting, moving to a risk-weighted commodity ETF excluding grains, the Ossiam Shiller Barclays CAPE Sector Value strategies, and the machine learning ESG low-carbon ETF. More recently, it launched the Food for Biodiversity ETF.

“Ossiam is the only smart beta ETF provider to apply machine learning in an ESG equity strategy and the first to launch a Biodiversity ETF aimed at minimizing the impact of its investments on biodiversity,” says Vincent.

In the period assessed, Ossiam renewed its Responsible Investment and Stewardship policy, where one of the highlights has been a revamped engagement escalation process. As a result, it can now scale up its engagement efforts.

Ossiam has also been a member of the initiative Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) for many years, and actively engages with companies operating in the food sector. In the assessment timeframe, it was supporting engagements on sustainable proteins, sustainable aquaculture and working conditions in the meat supply chain.

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