Natixis released its first quarter 2016 results that were fully consistent with the ambitions set out in its strategic plan. Natixis reported good performance of core businesses in Q1 16 despite a very volatile environment. Key results included:
  • Core businesses net revenues were flat year-over-year
  • Pre-tax profit (core businesses): A limited 4% decline
Groupe BCPE also delivered good commercial performance against a background of low interest rates and adverse market conditions. Net income stable remains at €872 million.

Natixis’ Investment Solutions Division, which includes Asset Management, Insurance and Private Banking, saws its new revenues year over year be pretty stable – net revenues at the end of Q1 2016 were €825, compared to €823 at the end of Q1 2015.

Assets under management at Natixis Global Asset Management as of March 31, 2016 totalled $884.9 billion (€776.4 billion), compared with $870.3 billion (€801.1 billion) as of December 31, 2015. Asset management flows were slightly negative for the 1st quarter (-€1.2 billion) or (-$1.4 billion) but the firm experienced positive net inflows in Europe of €8 billion on the back of robust business at DNCA, H2O and NAM, and saw ongoing momentum with its alternative strategies (including DNCA, H2O, AEW and AlphaSimplex Group).

During Q1 2016, Natixis Global Asset Management net revenues were €626 million, down from €639 at the end of Q1 2015.
Source : Natixis and Natixis Global Asset Management

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