Natixis Investment Managers and Mirova were awarded “Most innovative investment solution of the year” prize for their natural capital investment solutions at the Insurance Investment Exchange Awards 2018 at the Montcalm Royal London House on the 26th of April 2018. This prestigious event aims at shining the spotlight on excellence in insurance investment.

The award-winning Althelia Funds range (including so far the Althelia Climate strategy, Land Degradation Neutrality strategy1 and the Sustainable Ocean strategy) are managed by the natural capital investing platform of Mirova, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to responsible investing.

New asset classes always encounter a degree of initial skepticism. Infrastructure and renewable energy, both of which figure in many institutional portfolios today, met with considerable resistance in their formative years. But both are now a source of outperformance and a strong diversification tool for investors who understood their potential. Mirova equally believes that investment in natural capital is poised to evolve from being a niche strategy to a mainstream asset class and is the next frontier of impact investing.

These cutting-edge investment solutions can help insurers meet their risk-adjusted returns objectives over the long run while addressing major global environmental challenges such as climate change, protection of landscapes, biodiversity, soil and marine resources.

Natixis investment Managers is proud to be honoured for the second time in a row in this category, after the success of its real estate matching adjustment solution for the UK life insurance market at the 2017 awards.
Any reference to a ranking and/or an award does not indicate the future performance of the UCITS/AIF or the fund manager.

1 The LDN (Land Degradation Neutrality) Fund is a project, has no legal existence and has not been authorised by any supervisory authority yet. The investment strategy of the ‘Land Degradation Neutrality’ initiative is reserved for professional investors and is mainly subject to risk of capital loss.

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