Mirova, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, has won the ‘Responsible Investor of the Year – Asset Manager’ category in the 2020 Insurance Asset Risk Award. This prestigious event aims at shining the spotlight on excellence in insurance investment.

Insurance Asset Risk Awards 2020: Responsible Investor of the Year - asset manager
As a leading investor in sustainability, Mirova brings together the requisite vision and expertise to scale-up the market for natural capital while serving institutional clients seeking market-level returns with high-impact investment solutions. The firm manages $400 million worth of investments within this theme, in line with its goal of investing €1 billion in nature-related projects by 2022. These investments aim to address key environmental challenges: climate change and the protection of landscapes, biodiversity, soil and marine resources.

Mirova and Natixis investment Managers are proud to be honoured in the responsible investor category and it builds on last year’s highly commended prize for ‘Investment innovation of the year’ for Mirova’s Sustainable Oceans Strategy. The deterioration of the world’s oceans is becoming a global debate, yet investors can help improve sea health and create marine-focused jobs.

High-impact investing
In 2019, Mirova made significant steps towards being one of Europe’s largest equity investors in clean energy projects, while its carbon neutral strategy continued to grab industry attention. This strategy is significant for the way that organisations, and even industries, are classified in terms of their carbon impact. It also ensures the resulting investment strategy is genuinely carbon neutral – something that isn’t necessarily the case with less comprehensive strategies.

Mirova worked with the United Nations on the very first land degradation neutrality investment strategy to leverage public money to raise private capital for sustainable land projects. The strategy was again praised by the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), which selected it for the 2019 UN PRI Awards in September. In the same month, Mirova also announced additional investments from private investors, including the insurers Allianz France and Natixis Assurances.

Growing political and economic awareness is encouraging the acceleration of natural capital investment. Mirova was one of the pioneers in this asset class, working to develop investment strategies to allow public and private investors to finance sustainable land and sea management solutions. And the firm continues to push the envelope on industry-led innovation.

Mirova’s CEO, Philippe Zaouati, closed the PRI in Person conference in Paris with a speech that highlighted the shift in the concept of shareholder value and the need for asset management companies to become purpose-driven. For its part, Mirova has moved to do just this, launching the process of becoming a ‘B-Corp’ – a certified for-profit business that meets certain ESG criteria.

Zaouati commented: “Sustainable finance is not a fad, but an underlying societal trend. Let us seize this opportunity to finally put the strength of our words into action and prove that sustainable capitalism is indeed possible.”
Any investment has risks, including the risk of capital loss.

Here are the main risks of the Sustainable Ocean Strategy: loss of capital, deal flow, operational, liquidity, country, market, regulatory, currency, counterparty and project

Here are the main risks of the Land Degradation Neutrality Strategy: Loss of capital, performance (weather, biological, physical, technical, operational), risks associated with the deployment of the fund’s, general counterparty, macro-economic, market, environmental, social, general taxation, impacts of governmental regulation and legislative changes.

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