Mirova, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, has won in both the ‘Responsible Investor of the Year – Asset Manager’ and ‘Social investing Initiative of the Year’ categories in the 2021 Insurance Asset Risk Award. This prestigious event aims at shining the spotlight on excellence in insurance investment.
As a leading investor in sustainability, Mirova brings together the requisite vision and expertise to scale-up the market for natural capital while serving institutional clients seeking market-level returns with high-impact investment solutions. These address major global environmental challenges, including climate change, the protection of landscapes, biodiversity, soil and marine resources.

Mirova and Natixis investment Managers are proud to be honoured in these categories and have now won Responsible Investor of the Year two years in a row. The previous year, Mirova’s Sustainable Oceans Strategy was highly commended for ‘Investment innovation of the year’.

Making an impact
In early 2020, Mirova announced the final close of its Sustainable Ocean Fund, which aims at implementing protection-production approaches in the marine environment. This was only a few months after the close of Mirova’s fourth energy transition infrastructure fund, Eurofideme 4, which is the largest renewable energy fund dedicated to the European market to date.

Additionally, Mirova’s carbon neutral strategy continued to grab industry attention in 2020. This is significant for the way that organisations, and even industries, are classified in terms of their carbon impact. It also ensures the resulting investment strategy is genuinely carbon neutral – something that isn’t necessarily the case with less comprehensive strategies.

Mirova manages $400 million worth of investments within the theme of natural capital and continues to generate new opportunities. Last year, the firm announced the launch of the Biodiversity Fund Brazil which aims to deploy blended finance into sustainable activities that protect, restore or otherwise improve biodiversity and community livelihoods in the Amazon.

Commenting on the importance of biodiversity, Mirova’s deputy CEO Anne-Laurence Roucher said: “Nature has become a hot topic for the sustainable finance sector in recent years, and now it is moving to the top of the agenda. But even if the awareness is increasing, the concrete actions are still limited in volume, whereas the level of urgency is the same. It is also very difficult to put now a price and targets on biodiversity losses to measure that urgency. Therefore, the risk is high that there is no action taken fast enough and that the next generations have a world that is completely different to the one we know today.”
Any investment has risks, including the risk of capital loss.

Here are the main risks of the Sustainable Ocean Strategy: loss of capital, deal flow, operational, liquidity, country, market, regulatory, currency, counterparty and project.

Here are the main risks of the Land Degradation Neutrality Strategy: Loss of capital, performance (weather, biological, physical, technical, operational), risks associated with the deployment of the fund’s, general counterparty, macro-economic, market, environmental, social, general taxation, impacts of governmental regulation and legislative changes.

More information regarding the methodology used for these awards can be found here: https://www.insuranceassetrisk.com/content/awards/insurance-asset-risk-awards-2020

Any reference to a ranking and/or an award does not indicate the future performance of the fund or the fund manager.

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