Ombrea, a startup specialising in crop management and protection in the face of climatics hazards, announces a fundraising of 10 million euros, including 7 million euros finalised this month, which will be supplemented by 3 million euros in debt from its historical banking partners. The startup, in a €10 million fundraising, opens its capital to Mirova, the affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to sustainable investing, as lead investor. The CMA-CGM Group, a world leader in maritime transport and logistics, two French entrepreneurs and Région Sud Investissement, one of its historical investors, complete the round. The company is entering a new phase of its development with the support of responsible and committed investors.

The operation will allow the company to finance the acceleration of the deployment of climate protection and management systems on a larger scale in the agricultural sector. Ombrea intends to increase its R&D and innovation investments to accelerate the optimisation of its solutions and the development of complementary offers, in order to meet the needs of farmers facing climate change. 50 jobs will be created to support this growth by 2023.

Protecting Crops From Climate Change
Since its creation in 2016, Ombrea has received particularly strong demand from the agricultural world for solutions to counter the impacts of climate change on crops. According to the sixth IPCC report, the global temperature is expected to rise by 1.5°C by 2030, and the current trend is towards a warming of 4°C or 5°C1.

In 2021, French agriculture is facing unprecedented climate challenges; a spring frost, untimely rains, heatwaves and fires are combining to affect the harvest very badly.

To fight against these effects of climate change and to support farmers, Ombrea has developed a patented climate protection system, which aims to create an optimal microclimate for plant development, even in case of extreme climatic events (frost, drought, heavy rains...).

The innovative Ombrea solution is installed above crops (market gardening, horticulture, viticulture, arboriculture, perfume and medicinal plants) and regulates, through an opening and closing system, the climatic parameters of the plant by dynamic shading.

Ombrea's know-how lies in its ability to intelligently control its tool in order to adapt the microclimate to the precise needs of the crops. The company has developed models to automatically control the tool in the face of climatic hazards. The Ombrea solution is also equipped with photovoltaic panels, the secondary production of renewable energy ensures the economic viability of the investment and operation of the installation.

Positive Results on Crops
Ombrea optimizes the plant's climatic conditions to reduce water requirements, while increasing agricultural yields and crop quality.

Results on grapevine and peonies*:
  • Water saving: -30% water saving in summer (peony)
  • Increased floral quality: 99% higher quality flowers and +17% yield
  • Limitation of stressful conditions (heat, water and oxidative stress)
  • A systematically lower ground temperature (-6°C to 10 cm on the hottest days)
  • Decrease of the temperature at the cluster level (-2.2°C under Ombrea in summer)
"Ombrea is giving itself the means to deploy the best climate protection solution and extend it to a larger number of farmers. The challenges of the agricultural world are numerous and our efforts in agronomic research and innovation are designed to meet them.” said Julie Davico-Pahin, Co-founder & CEO of Ombrea

"Ombrea is an innovative tool that has proven its ability to control crop climate. Our vision is reinforced: to combine sustainable, resilient and efficient agriculture. We are convinced that Ombrea must continue to work in this direction to support farmers face climate hazards. » Said Christian Davico, Co-founder & President

"Ombrea is the first investment in our new Impact private equity strategy. Mirova was created in 2014 with the ambition of financing projects and companies that allow the transition of the economy towards a sustainable model, particularly from an environmental and climate point of view. We are therefore delighted to support the teams of Ombrea, an innovative company that puts technology at the service of agriculture," said Marc Romano, Director of Impact Private Equity at Mirova

"Since 2019, REGION SUD INVESTISSEMENT has been following the company's journey with as much enthusiasm as ever. Thanks to its solid and motivated team, the company has been able to concretize strong industrial partnerships and build an original and efficient agrivoltaic business model. It is one of the "flagship" companies in our portfolio. And that is why we are particularly pleased to continue the adventure in this new phase of development" adds Pierre Joubert, Managing Director at Région Sud Investissement

For further reading:
1 Source: IPCC climate report: an alarming finding -

* Scientific studies conducted with independent organizations;
  • on the peony in partnership with the Technical Institute of Horticulture, Astredhor Mediterranean
  • on the vine with the French Institute of Vine and Wine (IFV) and the Société du Canal de Provence (SCP).
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