Mirova – a Natixis Investment Managers affiliate specialising in sustainable finance – and Banque des Territoires announced a multi-year investment of around €3.6 million in a project company developed with Clem’ – an electric vehicle sharing platform – to operate a unique electric van sharing service in Paris and the Île-de-France region1. Vans have already been deployed at 54 hiring stations in Paris, ready to be used by delivery drivers, shopkeepers and artisan producers, as well as the general public. This new service should further the development of zero emission urban logistics and boost economic activity, while diesel vehicles will be gradually phased out in the Greater Paris area by 2024.

Creating future mobility and combating climate change
Supporting the energy transition of local authorities through new electric vehicle sharing services is the stated aim of Clem’, a mission that convinced Mirova and Banque des Territoires to invest. The Clem’ vehicle sharing platform provides delivery drivers with access to a fleet of electric vans ideally suited for their collections and deliveries, with no parking constraints. Different formulas are available through an innovative platform enabling users to select an option that meets their particular requirements. This new solution is more economical, compliant with ever more stringent restrictions (driving restrictions, parking, etc.) and low emissions zones, provides public health advantages and helps combat climate change - whereas traditional road transport is responsible for half of nitrogen oxide emissions, a quarter of fine particulate emissions and a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the Île-de-France region. More than 200 cities have already chosen Clem’ to provide electric vehicle sharing for business and individual use.

Electric van sharing - a world first in urban logistics
From this summer, Clem’ will operate an electric van sharing service as part of the Paris City Council (Ville de Paris) Mobilib’ programme, from 54 hiring stations (repurposed from the AutoLib scheme) located across all 20 Paris arrondissements. The plan is to provide more than 300 vehicles at over 100 stations across the Île-de-France region. This unique urban logistics initiative is aimed at serving the needs of delivery drivers, shopkeepers and artisans, and helping them to comply with emission reduction requirements.

Supporting small businesses through eco-mobility in Paris and the Île-de-France region
The innovative, zero emission solution developed for sustainable urban logistics by Clem’, Mirova and Banque des Territoires for Paris and the Île-de-France region is a real plus for local businesses. Easy access to an electric vehicle facilitates collection and delivery operations for small businesses, enabling them to grow and thrive, along with the areas they serve. The Mobilib’ vehicle sharing service can save a business up to €4,000 per year on the cost of using of an electric van*.

A complementary partnership committed to the development of new forms of mobility
Clem’ was selected following a consultation launched by the Paris City Council at the end of 2018 on the provision of an electric van sharing scheme. Two leading investors in the ecological transition came on board to enable it to roll out its service in Paris and the Île-de-France region1. Mirova and Banque des Territoires will invest up to €3.6 million in the project company over the next few years, in addition to the financial commitment to the operation made by Clem’.

A long-standing investor in the energy transition, and a pioneer in financing for renewable energies, Mirova is keen to support transport decarbonisation and the development of low carbon mobility. Its aim is to invest tens of millions of euros in the coming years in electric, hydrogen or biofuel mobility.

Banque des Territoires, meanwhile, has made investing in shared and clean mobility services a priority. An investor in Clem’ since 2015, it is supporting the roll out of this new solution across the Île-de-France region, which is facing major challenges in implementing its transition to clean mobility and traffic calming policies.

List of advisers for the transaction:
  • Legal advisers: Dikaios (Pierre-Antoine Grange, Marielle Poisson)
  • Financial advisers: Clermount (Benoit Taconet and Julien Deconinck)
Mirova and Banque des Territoires:
  • Legal advisers: Ravetto (Anne-Laure Proisy and Antoine Guyomard
For further reading:
* Two-year study carried out by Clem’ with the Paris City Council, Ile de France region, Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIP) and eco-mobility operators.
1 Source : Airparif

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