Natixis Global Asset Management acquired a new affiliated asset manager, DNCA Finance, a French investment management company. The acquisition would further Natixis Global Asset Management’s strategy of expanding its multi-affiliate model in Europe. DNCA’s management would remain shareholders and would benefit from a progressive withdrawal mechanism beginning in 2016 that would align medium-term interests and gradually increase Natixis Global Asset Management’s stake in DNCA to 100%.

With €14.6bn of assets under management at the end of January 2015, DNCA has pursued an entrepreneurial approach to developing a broad range of high-performing, well-recognised investment solutions for retail clients across Europe. The transaction aims to help DNCA step up its international expansion in retail markets outside of France and Italy and deploy its equity solutions to institutional clients by leveraging Natixis Global Asset Management’s global centralised distribution platform and support functions.

In addition, 2015 first quarter results for Natixis Global Asset Management revealed €19 billion net flows, including money markets. AUM was up 11% over the first quarter from €736 billion to €820 billion, thanks particularly to the stronger US dollar. There was also a 27% year-on-year increase in net revenues (at current exchange rate).
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