Nearly five years after its launch, the H2O MultiBonds fund now has over €1 billion euros in assets under management. H2O MultiBonds is registered in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Singapore. The fund has recently grown on the international stage and new share classes have been launched in multiple currencies (EUR, USD, CHF, SGD).

Inflows to the fund have been strong, especially since the end of 2012, driven by good performance. At 27 February 2015 net annualised performance was 17.92% versus 3.82% for its benchmark index since inception.1

H2O MultiBonds offers active, conviction-based and relatively unconstrained management. This approach replicates the team’s discretionary views across all fixed-income and currency markets in developed and emerging countries. The fund seeks to outperform its benchmark index (JP Morgan Government Bond Index Broad) by at least 2% (I share) over a three-year investment horizon.


1 Source H2O Asset Management. - FR0010930438 Share I(C) EUR. Performance from 23/08/2010 to 27/02/2015. Figures refer to past years and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.