The debt platform operated by AEW, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, has participated in a green loan to finance four office assets across Europe.

AEW took a €30m participation in the €417m senior loan, which was arranged by lead two large banks. The loan will be used to finance the purchase and renovation by an Asian sovereign wealth fund of offices in Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

The financing qualifies as a green loan under Loan Market Association (LMA) principles. According to these principles, proceeds of the loan must be used to create clear environmental benefits. In this case, the renovation of the offices will, among other benefits, create energy efficiencies, promote the wellbeing of employees working in the buildings, and have a positive impact on the local neighbourhood.

Under the principles, there must be a clear process for project evaluation which covers the selection of the asset as well as its subsequent management. Borrowers should establish an internal governance process to track and monitor the allocation of funds that are used for green projects.

In addition, reporting from the sponsor to the lenders must be formal and regular. At a minimum, reporting should be carried out annually, but quarterly reports on sustainability issues are preferred by many lenders.

Cyril Hoyaux, Head of the AEW real estate debt platform, says ESG is integral to its pan-European co-lending approach. “We are not equity investors,” says Hoyaux. “We don’t manage buildings, but as a lender we believe we can help make a positive impact on the ESG components of real estate transactions.”

The work to comply with sustainability regulations in Europe is considerable, he adds, and represents an ongoing task. “Our efforts to improve our ESG performance will never end, it’s a constant stream of improvement,” Hoyaux says.

“Just because we meet today’s criteria, that doesn’t mean we can stop there. The scope for ESG is huge and success in addressing it is critical for us and for our clients.”

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