Since the beginning of the pandemic, some asset classes which were already in the radar of insurance companies have proved more resilient than others. Covid-19 Crisis has been a catalyst for these trends.

Investing to Withstand Pandemic­

Insurers can withstand the pandemic provided that they opt for the right investment solutions.­­

The pandemic has accelerated and exacerbated some already existing investment trends, such as the digitalization of major economies. Growth equity and thematic investing have proved resilient. Lastly, the pandemic has increased awareness of ESG

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Infrastructure: Let’s Get Personal

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Investing in Global Equities with a Thematic Lens

Some markets are growing faster than the broader global economy due to a range of long-term, secular growth drivers.

Future-Proofing Core Real Estate

The pandemic highlights the need to follow socioeconomic mega-trends.


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Income-driven Solutions
Performance-driven Solutions
Published in February 2021

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