Measuring, Identifying and Influencing Good Governance

Nathalie Wallace, Global Head of Sustainable Investment at Natixis Investment Managers, explains how the Governance pillar is an integral part of a good ESG strategy and how to drive positive change in organisations.

Nathalie Wallace, Global Head of Sustainable Investment at Natixis Investment managers, talks about corporate governance and its impact on operational and financial performance

Corporate governance is an investment criterion investors are looking at. It has an impact on all stakeholders. Poor corporate governance leads to operational and financial underperformance.

The following points are addressed in this video:
  1. Why does sustainability matter for investors in the world? Firms all over the world have no choice but to comply with an even more demanding regulatory environment and mandatory disclosures (e.g.TCFD, Green taxonomy). For instance Asia includes16 different country-specific corporate codes.
  2. What is Stewardship and How do you Measure Good Governance Practices? In this field, the board perspective counts as much as the governance of environmental and societal considerations
  3. Stewardship and governance in Asia. The16 different country governance codes in place in Asia provide investors a framework to compare firms of a same country and identify the best practices.
  4. What Governance Themes are Key for Investors in 2021? Corporate Political influence, reporting on climate-related risks, Diversity and Inclusion, worker protection & treatment are a sample of themes at the top of the investors agenda when they look at the governance policy of firms. 
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