What deglobalization and rising cost of capital mean for equities

Geopolitical rivalry, super spike in oil, and European small-mid opportunities are being watched by Vaughan Nelson CEO.

The invasion of Ukraine has changed the investment outlook for 2022. In this video, Chris Wallis, CEO and Portfolio Manager at Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, offers his views on macro and market consequences.

Highlights include:

  • Invasion of Ukraine brings the geopolitical rivalry between US, Russia, and China to the foreground.
  • Economic slowdown in 2022 may be more abrupt than expected due to the Ukraine crisis.
  • Inflation should remain elevated, but decline later in the year.
  • Energy prices probably don’t retreat significantly from current prices.
  • If key infrastructure in Ukraine is damaged, a super spike in oil prices could occur.
  • As the Federal Reserve begins to shrink its balance sheet, a drawdown in equities is expected.
  • European small- and mid-cap securities may get a tailwind over the intermediate term.
  • Could we see the euro strengthen against the dollar?

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