Natixis Investment Managers’ 2020 Responsible Investment Report explains our approach to ESG and sustainable investing. It also outlines the processes that our 20+ affiliates use to integrate ESG into their investment decisions. And it highlights our latest thinking on a number of key challenges we face as a responsible investor. Fundamentally, we believe responsible investment can make a difference. It can help identify risk. And it can drive financial performance.1 It can even achieve positive social and environmental change. To do all this, however, asset managers must be clear in their approach – and clear in their purpose and objectives.


Since 2010, $2.6 trillion (€2.4 trillion) has been invested in low-carbon energy – equivalent to the combined market cap of Apple and Microsoft.*

97 percent

79% of Affiliates regularly engage with companies in which they invest.

93 percent

93% of Affiliates have policies governing their approach to engagement, voting and /or proxy voting.

nearly 85%

Across our Group, Affiliates have integrated ESG into investment processes for nearly 85% of their AUM.

Report Sections

Message from our CEO

Billions are invested in ESG funds and investors are increasingly concerned about issues that go beyond financial performance. But how much of a difference are we really making? Jean Raby, CEO of Natixis Investment Managers, explores how the finance industry can work together to tackle the ESG issues of today, and tomorrow...

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Our Business

Natixis Investment Managers has 24 affiliates, each with its own culture and investment strategy. Affiliates have full autonomy over the investment process – across the group, there is no standardised approach to responsible investing. Among other advantages, this diversity allows them to specialise in areas where they have proven expertise...

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Implications of Covid-19

The world continues to grapple with its biggest public health crisis in more than a century. So, where does this leave ESG? Esty Dwek, Head of Global Market Strategy at Natixis Investment Managers Solutions, assesses the fall-out from Covid-19 pandemic crisis and the long-term implications for economies, markets and ESG investing...

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Our Strategy

We don’t believe in responsible investment for its own sake. We take a practical approach – that means integrating ESG in a way that makes a real difference, not only to our investors, but also to the world around us. Through our affiliates, we’re committed to integrating ESG issues into our policies, processes and investment decisions...

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Our Affiliates

All of our affiliates are expected to be active owners – engaging with the companies in which they invest. Most incorporate ESG into investment decisions, usually as part of a broader investment strategy. And some have ESG-labelled funds, aimed at delivering specific social or environmental benefits, alongside financial returns...

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Many of our affiliates have been working on ESG issues for years – in some cases, at the forefront of the asset management industry. Discover their thinking on a number of key ESG challenges, from climate risk to how to engage effectively to how to work with governments and NGOs to help protect the natural world: