Resources: Future foods and farming

Hadrien Gaudin-Hamama unearths the trends that are cultivating more sustainable agricultural practices for tomorrow

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Green Vision is an educational series of films featuring ESG (environmental, social and governance) analysts from our affiliate Mirova, an expert in sustainable investing. Each episode focuses on a different sector and explores the transitions taking place that will revolutionise the way we consider our investments. Let us guide you through the technologies and methodologies that are finding brighter ways ahead.

By Louise Schreiber, ESG Analyst at Mirova for technology sector
In tech, every innovation comes with its share of environmental and social challenges. Establishing itself as a real lever for sustainable innovation without accentuating the issues of our century is a real epic for these companies.
By Manon Salomez, ESG Analyst at Mirova for health sector
Access to health is a fundamental right. How to direct investments towards companies in the health sector that offer solutions for all, while reducing the environmental impact of the industry?
By Hadrien Gaudin-Hamama, ESG Analyst at Mirova for resources sector
Moving from intensive agriculture to agroecological and equitable practices that regenerate ecosystems and produce the food and materials of tomorrow is our future. How to identify the actors who cultivate the soil for tomorrow’s agriculture?
By Eva L’Homme, ESG Analyst at Mirova for construction sector
The need to build the infrastructures and buildings of tomorrow today is becoming increasingly important. How can industry players move the lines for a greener and more inclusive planet?
By Camille Barré, ESG Analyst at Mirova for mobility sector
How can we make the right technological choices and adopt a risk management approach today over the entire life cycle of the car, for greener, quieter and smarter mobility tomorrow?
By Jean-Pierre Dmirdjian, ESG Analyst at Mirova for energy sector
The energy sector plays a key role in greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming.How can we allocate investments towards companies providing solutions to the energy system’s decarbonation?

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Louise Schreiber

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Technology Sector

Hadrien Gaudin-Hamama

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Resources Sector

Camille Barré

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Mobility Sector

Manon Salomez

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Health Sector

Eva L’Homme

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Construction Sector
Karen Kharmandarian

Jean-Pierre Dmirdjian

ESG Analyst at Mirova
Energy Sector