Capital Markets Insight: Global Retirement Index

Our market strategists weigh in on the state of retirement security today based on the results of our latest Global Retirement Index.

Northern European countries continue to top the Index
Unlike other countries in the Global Retirement Index, their systems are designed to support an aging population:

  • Strong collectivism
  • Strong healthcare systems
  • Medical technology focused on older citizens
Pacific Rim countries outpace the rest of the world with Finances in Retirement
Singapore, New Zealand, Chile, and Korea all rank high in Finances in Retirement for many reasons, including:

  • Strong dependency ratios
  • Limited government debt burdens
Interest rates are beginning to rise – which may be an unexpected boon for retirees
Many retirement savers have built large nest eggs, thanks to the long-running bull market. But many recent retirees have been forced to annuitize at close to all-time low interest rates. As rates begin to rise, this may alleviate some of this long-term pressure.

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