Continued Curb Appeal of Real Estate Markets

Michael Acton, Head of Research at AEW, covers Covid-driven trends, areas of interest, and income generation in 2022.

Participating in Natixis Investment Managers’ Institutional Investor Outlook 2022 panel, Michael Acton, Head of Research at AEW Capital Management – one of the world’s largest real estate investment managers – shares his views on various sectors of the US real estate market and trends and economic factors to consider in the new year.

Watch video for insight on:

  • How is the recovery playing out in real estate?
  • Could we see office buildings being converted into apartment buildings?
  • Will real estate underperform or outperform?
  • What areas are gaining popularity among investors?
  • Is real estate an attractive alternative for income-seeking investors?
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This material is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. The views and opinions expressed are as of December 8, 2021 and may change based on market and other conditions. There can be no assurance that developments will transpire as forecasted. Actual results may vary.

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