Sustainable investing is evolving. As the themes associated with ESG take centre stage across the globe, investors are demanding discernible and measurable impacts from asset managers.

In this series of videos, Nathalie Wallace, Global Head of Sustainable Investing at Natixis Investment Managers, joins experts from our affiliates Mirova and Thematics Asset Management to address some of the most pertinent questions that investors are asking about ESG in Asia today.

Staying ahead of the sustainability curve

Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova, highlights how to prove you are taking ESG seriously and explains what greenwashing actually means.

Video 2 of 3

Is it OK to ask “What do I get out of ESG?” Actually it’s imperative.

Let's Talk ESG

Our Experts

Nathalie Wallace

Nathalie Wallace

Global Head of Sustainable Investing
Natixis Investment Managers
Maila Beniera

Maila Beniera

ESG specialist
Thematics Asset Management

Philippe Zaouati

Philippe Zaouati


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